Fact Sheets for materials ACCEPTED at the Collection Center:

Fact Sheets for materials that are NOT ACCEPTED at the Collection Center:


MassDEP - http://www.mass.gov/dep/
Commercial Hazardous Waste Services - New England Disposal Technologies, Inc. - Sutton, MA - 800-698-1865

The links below are not a recommendation of any of the providers listed. These links are provided as a service only.

Appliances with CFCs - Interstate Refrigerant Recovery - Foxboro, MA - 508-560-5735
Asbestos - Dec-Tam Corporation - North Reading, MA - 800-332-8261
Medical Waste/Sharps - United Medical Waste Management Inc. - Sutton, MA - 866-838-9232
Tire/Small Appliances - E.L. Harvey & Sons, Inc. - Westborough, MA - 800-321-3002

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